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Are you moving overseas? Let the experts take away the stress, and free you to enjoy your move.

Universal Cargo focuses on the worldwide door-to-door moving of household goods and personal effects from any point in Argentina to 134 countries.
We understand that this is a unique moment in your life, which is why we provide a service to cater for your every need.

From your first contact with us, our team of professionals will work diligently to achieve your relocation goals.

  • A dedicated move manager will be assigned to you, who will guide you through the process, assist with customs documents and help you until the delivery crew wave goodbye.
  • The first step is to coordinate a pre-move survey where the move manager will evaluate the volume to be transported, the type of packing to be done and the accessibility of your home. They will also determine with you the likely packing ,shipping, storage (if necessary), dispatch, delivery and unpacking schedules.
  • After the visit we will send you a services proposal.
Once you've chosen to proceed with our services proposal, we will agree a packing date with you.
  • On moving day, early in the morning our packing crew and a supervisor will arrive at your home. Our supervisor will walk through your residence with you to confirm the work to be done.
  • The packing will be completed by our staff according to ISO 9001 and FAIM Plus standards. We will provide all the required packing material, including bubble wrap, labeling tape, corrugated cardboard, and special cardboard boxes for clothes, dishes, books, etc. If required, we also provide wooden frames for fragile objects such as glass, marble, mirrors, etc.
  • Once the packing is complete, we will provide you with an Inventory and Condition report which we will ask you to sign. In it, every box and item to be transported will be listed.
  • Your belongings will then be moved from your home and transported to our operating plant.
  • We will make the journey with your belongings to the port or airport and proceed with the customs clearance process for the final export. While the move is underway, we will control the itinerary of every aspect of your move. Once the shipment is dispatched, we will make the necessary arrangements for final home delivery through one of our agents, who operates according to our high standards and quality criteria. This agent will be responsible for customs clearance at your destination country, delivery to your final destination, unloading, placing your personal effects in their specified places and unpacking. They will also dispose of any empty boxes and leftover packing material. We will be at your disposal for any queries throughout the entire process.
Call us today and make the first step towards a relaxing relocation to your new home.

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