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Move from Argentina to Israel

Universal Cargo have specialised in international removals and shipping to Israel for many years. Our expert international removals team assist many customers move their personal effects to Israel each year.

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Customs information

New immigrants

  • New immigrants are entitled to 3 tax-free importations of household goods and personal effects within 3 years of arrival. In order to utilize this privilege, consignee must have a new immigrant booklet (teudat Oleh).
  • Duty free entry for all personal and household goods.
  • Electrical appliances : only one of each household appliance permitted plus 2 computers and 2 TVs per family.
  • Expiration of rights: goods must arrive at port of entry not later tan 3 years from the date of arrival.

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Israelis who lived abroad more than 2 years

If consignee is an Israeli citizen who lived abropad more tan 2 years and sum of visits each year did not exceed 120 days, he/she may be elegible for returning Citizens´ status.
Once Israeli customs confirms returning citizen status, consignee may import personal effects and household goods tax free, including 1 of each household appliances plus 2 computers and 2 tvs per family.
Some ítems may not be exempted at all, including alcohol, communication equipment, etc.
Expiration of rights: goods must arrive at port of entry not later tan 9 months from consignees´date of arrival.

Foreign workers (b-1 visa)

Unlike most countries in the world where work permit entitles consignee to import his personal effects tax-free, in Israel thge procedure is different.
Consigneee´s employer will have to provide a bank guarantee in the amount of duties levied by Israeli Customs, in order to clear the shipment in lieu of paying taxes. This guarantee will have to be renewed every year and can be revoked only when goods are exported out of Israel.

Restricted/Dutiable Items

  • Cigarettes (250) and tobacco products (250 g)
  • Gifts (non-residents may import gifts equal to approximately USD 125)
  • Appliances (no special privileges except 25% discount on sales tax)
  • Alcohol (dutiable)
  • Communications equipment, including phones, fax machines, etc. (dutiable)
  • Curtains, drapes and carpets (dutiable)
  • Devices fueled by natural gas, such as methane, propane, etc.
  • Must be approved by the Standards Institution of Israel, including the following gas-powered items: barbecue grills, hobs/burners, cookers, ovens, heaters, etc.
  • Without approval, items are subject to confiscation and destruction by Customs authorities and the owner of the goods is liable for charges incurred during the process.

Prohibited Items

  • Weapons and ammunitions.
  • Dangerous chemicals.
  • Explosives.
  • Drugs.
  • Gas BBQ / Grill (of any kind).
  • Electric bicycle / scooter / moped (of any kind).
  • Food (2 kg).
  • Wine / alcohol (2 L).
  • Biological commodity (seeds, plants, raw wood, etc.).
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