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Handling the stress of children

During a move, children are the most vulnerable members of the family. For example, they may be afraid of losing contact with their friends. For children, relocating represents an abrupt change in their lives, which they may experience as a decision they have to accept against their will. In this new release Universal Cargo gives you some suggestions on how to handle this situation. (Reading time: 4 min.).

Is it worth doing a pre-move survey?

An essential part of the moving process is to obtain a detailed quotation and a plan of action to be carried out once the proposal is accepted.
That's why Universal Cargo will ask you to do a pre-move survey. Is it worth it? How much does it cost? How long does it take? What are the details to look out for? What are the key points to keep in mind? Is there another way to get a quotation without the visit? (Reading time: 3 min.).

Change of tax residence due to international relocation

In recent times, many Argentines have changed their tax residence to take advantage of tax benefits that are more favorable to their assets. The trend seems to continue in the short term, but how to obtain this benefit and not fall into the so feared double taxation? We tell you about it in a summarized and introductory way in this new post of our blog. (Reading time: 3min.)

5 Tips for your international move to Australia

Australia: land of immigrants. A country full of contrasts. The largest island in the world while the smallest continent. When we think about Australia, we link it to the desert. However, it has a ski resort where it is said that it snows more than in Switzerland. The land where twelve Nobel Prize winners were born, winners of almost five hundred Olympic medals and inventors of wine in plastic bags. A country where a prime minister broke the Guinness record for his speed in beer drinking.
A country where 25% of its population is immigrant and necessary to consider when preparing an international move. (Reading time: 2min 45sec)

7 Tips for your international move

Let's be clear: any company with a well-designed website and a paid search engine strategy can be included in a Google, Bing, or Yahoo ads campaign.
But are these companies reliable? What conditions do they have to offer you a safe and economical international move?
It is not easy for us to give advice about this without losing objectivity, but we can give you some suggestions.
Don´t miss this new post. (Reading time: 3 minutes)

How is the price of an international move calculated?

Broadly speaking, how is an international moving rate drawn up? What are its components and what things must be taken into account to make a move in the most economical way? In the first place, we can talk about the service of origin, which consists of a visit prior to the move to the move by one of our advisers where the following aspects will be evaluated.

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