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Moving from Argentina to Spain: emigrating with peace of mind is possible

Moving from Argentina to Spain is an option increasingly sought after every year by thousands of Argentineans. However, a complex maze of legal and logistical procedures can make the idea of moving seem overwhelming. (Reading time: 4 min.).

Move from Argentina to England

Moving from Argentina to UK? Universal Cargo has been a specialist in international moving for 40 years. Our company offers you a complete service that includes ISO 9001 quality standard packing, import and export customs clearance, international transportation and delivery all over UK. Additionally Universal Cargo offers storage at destination in the main UK cities such as London, Manchester, Liverpool and Glasgow. (Reading time: 4 min.).

Universal Cargo : Forty years is just the start

The time finally arrived when Universal Cargo completed forty years of life. For a human being, forty years is a clear sign of maturity, and for us as well. (Reading time: 3 min.).

Moving from Argentina to it on schedule

International business negotiations can be complicated at the best times, but even more so if there are cultural misunderstandings. We talk about this topic, and many others, in this new edition of our blog with Pablo Regner, our international sales manager. (Reading time: 4 min.).

International moving insurance and its importance... What they never tell you

The reasons for taking out international moving insurance are basically the same as those for obtaining car insurance. It is better not to use it, but it is a good idea to have it just in case. Likewise, moving insurance will help you have peace of mind until everything arrives at your new home.
Universal Cargo has compiled a list of tips to help you better insure your personal belongings during the move. Here are some of them. (Reading time: 3 min.).

10 tips to consider before planning a move.

Moving is always complex. Even more so if you are moving abroad. Here we have prepared a list of 10 tips to keep in mind long before you start moving. You may have already taken many of these tips into account, but it is worth reading this new post. (Reading time: 3 min.).

Moving from one country to another: And it's packing day!

Packing your belongings deserves special attention. Some many pieces and objects contain a life story and deserve special care. Unfortunately, this is an extra burden for most people at an already stressful time.
Here are a few tips to make this experience more bearable (Reading time: 2 min.).

Moving with your cat

If pets are a part of your family, remember that moving down the block or across the world can stress them out too. Anything we can do to make it easier on them can make recovering from the move easier on us. Dogs are more adaptable than cats , let us make you know a few pointers about moving with a cat then.(Reading time: 2 min.).

Moving to another country with you children

When moving to another country, children are the family's most vulnerable members. For example, they may be afraid of losing contact with their friends. For the little ones, a move represents a very abrupt change of life that can be a decision they must accept against their will. In this new installment Universal Cargo gives you some suggestions on handling this situation. (Reading time: 4 min.).

Is it worth doing a pre-move survey?

An essential part of the moving process is to obtain a detailed quotation and a plan of action to be carried out once the proposal is accepted.
That's why Universal Cargo will ask you to do a pre-move survey. Is it worth it? How much does it cost? How long does it take? What are the details to look out for? What are the key points to keep in mind? Is there another way to get a quotation without the visit? (Reading time: 3 min.).

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