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Packing restrictions

Universal Cargo strives to ensure all our moves to be safe and in compliance with customs regulations. Thus, we warn shippers about the dangers that can arise from packing certain common household items for shipment.

Many common household items are very hazardous when packed. Heat quickly builds up inside containers, which can trigger an explosion that can cause serious damage to a shipment. Please, make sure that none of the items listed in the following guideline are packed in a shipment to be moved.

Articles not accepted for shipping

Alcohol Gasoline
Lubricants Butane
Antifreeze compounds Propane
Fireworks Lighter Fluids
Flash Bulbs Paint Varnish
Small firearm ammunitions Paint Varnish Removers
Aerosol cans
Fire Extinguishers
Live Plants
Scuba Diving Tanks Seeds
Acids Fresh Fruits
Drain Cleaners Flowers
Photographic Chemicals Poisons
Batteries (wet or dry)
Charcoal Briquettes
Bleach Petrol-based garden sprays
Weed Killers Signal Flare

Restricted Items
Most countries apply restrictions to firearms, alcohol, drugs and often political or pornographic literature is totally prohibited.

In other instances some items can attract duty or tax fees and in order to avoid any problems during customs clearance you should make enquiries with your consulate in the country of destination to obtain their advice. We can also assist in this regard and our Moving Consultant will also help you.

Additionally, bear in mind that due to differing voltage requirements and broadcasting frequencies, some of your items powered by electrical current might not be suitable for use in your new country.

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