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Personal data Protection

UNIVERSAL CARGO understands that privacy is a fundamental human right, and that data privacy, security and protection are very important for our clients and agents worldwide. Personal data include any information which identifies (or helps to identify) an individual, directly or indirectly. As a company, we do everything in our power to protect our clients and agents on every operation in which we are involved, as the law demands; as well as implement strict and coherent policies and procedures. According to Argentine Republic Personal Data Protection Act No. 25326 and its Regulatory Decree No. 1558/01, amended by Regulatory Decree No. 1160/10, and according to EU GDPR 05/2018 (General Data Protection Regulation), we hereby let you know that Universal Cargo SRL is responsible for the collection, use, retention and disposal of our clients and corporate accounts’ personal data.
This privacy declaration provides you information about our privacy policy and about the options at your disposal, regarding your personal data. This privacy declaration applies to the whole staff of Universal Cargo, as well as our agents and suppliers. Should you have any doubts or questions related to personal data treatment, please contact our Data Protection Officer (DPO), Mrs. Andrea Mereta:
We hereby put to the record our commitment to comply with the following principles, which are based on privacy and data protection internationally recognized frames:

  • NOTIFICATION PRINCIPLE: Universal Cargo SRL shall inform all our particular or corporate customers that the personal data collected from them shall be used to fulfill the service(s) for which we have been hired, including, but not limited to: international or local move, Import guarantee, Customs procedures, freight forwarding, logistics, insurance cover, and/or personal effects storage. Moreover, any oral or written communications about said procedures, always within the scope of the competence and assignments required by these activities, are included on this principle. Our customers shall also be informed about how and who to contact in the case that they have any doubts or complaints, and about the 3rd parties with whom we shall share their personal data.

  • CHOICE PRINCIPLE: When necessary, Universal Cargo shall offer its customers the opportunity to choose whether their personal data are to be handed to a third party, to be used for a purpose other than the ones for which they were originally required, and authorized by them. For said purpose, our customers shall be provided with a clear, transparent and written document by which they shall be able to formally accept this.

  • DATA INTEGRITY AND COLLECTION PRINCIPLE: According to the other principles, the personal data collected must be exact, complete, and its use must be exclusively limited to comply with the hired service.
The personal data collected are necessary and relevant to perform the Customs procedures regarding the importation or exportation of different shipments. Said data include:

  • Full names and surnames.
  • Nationality.
  • Copy of Argentine DNI, Argentine CUIT, Argentine CUIL, passport, or any other personal identification.
  • Biometric data.
  • Effective place of residence at origin and/or destination.
  • Work address at origin and/or destination.
  • Personal or work email address – personal, mobile and/or work telephone number.

Providing that we need to process a payment, we need to collect the following data:

  • Bank name.
  • Bank account No. and type.
  • CBU No.

Personal data are collected as follows:

  • Electronically: We receive and store personal data sent by our customers through forms and/or emails. They may include attached files with pictures and/or documents. Everything we receive is kept in every customer’s folder and/or handed in to state organisms, shipping companies, or our agents, that require them to perform importation and exportation procedures.
  • Paper: The same as electronically, but through paper.
  • Telephonically: Through a telephone call with the customer.
  • Third parties: We receive certain information through third parties, such as our agents worldwide and/or the companies which our Customers work at. We use said data on account of customer’s express consent to do so, and only to fulfill our contractual obligations.
  • DATA USE, WITHHOLDING, AND DISPOSAL PRINCIPLE: Universal Cargo shall use the personal data provided by the Customers only for the purposes established in our Notification Principle, for which the Customers provided their express consent.
    Personal data shall be withheld and used only for the purposes they were provided for. Moreover, once the contractual relationship is concluded, the data shall be filed and stored on our digital and paper database during at least a year, according to the national legislation applicable and in force.

  • ACCESS PRINCIPLE: Every Universal Cargo customer has the right to access and modify the personal data provided to us by them. They can also question the accurateness of said data, and are able to, totally or partially, amend, update, change, and/or delete them, in the case that said data was incorrect. This right can be exercised as long as these data have not been already transferred and/or processed by the state/private organisms and/or entities for which these data were collected.

  • TRANSFER PRINCIPLE: As a company that provides international services, Universal Cargo must transfer its customers’ personal data to other agents worldwide. In order to guarantee all of our customers’ personal data security, every agent we work with are contractually obliged to comply with our confidentiality standards. Besides, our privacy guidelines are duly explained to our employees and suppliers, as a part of the mandatory training about people’s personal data integrity and protection. Our customers’ personal data shall be shared by Universal Cargo with third parties acting on our behalf if and only if said third parties agree with this Privacy Policy, or suggest a new agreement in writing, which must provide at least the same protection level demanded hereby.

  • SECURITY PRINCIPLE: The name Universal Cargo, as well as the name of any of our corporate accounts or the names of the families that we move must be used publicly neither by any of our employees nor any third party, for any reason whatsoever, including, but not limited to: advertisement or marketing, in any of their forms (especially in writing), without our prior express consent.
    Totally or partially selling, distributing, or sharing any of our customers’ personal data is also forbidden.
    All of our customers’ personal data are protected against loss and theft, as well as against unauthorized access. The personal data stored in our digital database are protected through restricted access, with username and password.
    The personal data printed in paper is maintained at our office under lock and key.

  • QUALITY PRINCIPLE: Universal Cargo collects data in good faith, because of which we assume said data to be true, correct, and complete; and that they may help us identify their owner. This is why it is the data owner’s responsibility to provide Universal Cargo with data that comply with the aforementioned characteristics, and to update said data when necessary.

  • CONTROL PRINCIPLE: Universal Cargo SRL strives to make sure that every principle hereby explained is known, respected, and complied with by all our employees and the companies or individuals hired to act on behalf of Universal Cargo SRL.
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