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Social Responsibility

Our COMPANY has responsibilities that exceed profits.

Our daily activities have impact on human beings as well as on the environment, and our social compromise lies in the management of those impacts.

A well educated and motivated staff is the basis to improve our daily work; therefore Universal Cargo commits itself :
  • Not to discriminate by reason of race, religion, gender or any other personal characteristic.
  • To provide a work environment where safety and wellbeing are the priority and work risks inherent to each activity are prevented or eliminated.
  • To offer training and development opportunities

Moreover, as a social entity, Universal Cargo undertakes the responsibility to:
  • Use totally recyclable packing materials.
  • Reduce gas emission by using fuel-efficient trucks and by observing their periodic maintenance
  • Recycle paper-based office products
  • Recycle paper and cardboard used for overseas packing when appropriate
  • Reduce electricity consumption
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