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Move from Argentina to Spain

Universal Cargo offers door to door international moving services from any point in Argentina to any point in Spain including Balearic and Canary Islands. The service is door to door and includes packing with ISO 9001 quality at home, international transportation, customs clearance and delivery at final destination.

Customs information

  • Spanish citizens must import their household goods within 12 months following the date of issuance of the Change of Residence Certificate.
  • Foreign citizens must import their household goods within 12 months from the date of issuance of their first Spanish Residence permit.
  • Household goods cannot be sold or transferred before one year after the importation.
  • The stay abroad (out of the EU) must be at least for one year.


  • Documents Required.
  • Vaccination record.
  • International health certificate.

Pets must be identifiable through microchip or a tattoo.
Muzzles are required for dogs in some areas of Spain; check with agent for specific locations.
Pets subject to examination by a Customs veterinarian.

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Prohibited or restricted Items

  • Firearms and ammunition (permit is required).
  • Antiques (permit is required).
  • Liquor and alcohol (small quantities).
  • Pictures, sculptures, Persian carpets and other art items.
  • Protected species and products made from them per the Washington Convention (CITES), such as ivory, tortoise shells, coral, reptile skins, etc.
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