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Move from Argentina to Germany

Are you thinking of moving from Argentina to Germany? With almost 40 years of experience, Universal Cargo is the best choice. Whether by sea or air, we ensure the delivery of your international move anywhere in Germany. Furthermore, in case your house is not ready, we offer furniture storing in the main cities of destination such as Hamburg, Berlin, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Munich and other locations.

Please note the following information:

Duty free entry if:

  • The shipper has lived more tan 12 months outside the EU.
  • The removals goods are imported within one year of the owner establishing his permanent residence in Germany.
  • The household goiods has been owned and used for a mínimum of 6 months prior to Shipping date (vessel departure) to Germany.
  • The removal goods shall be re-used for identical purposes in Germany.
  • The goods must stay inm possesion of the importer for 12 months after importation.

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Alcohol & tobacco products

Subject of payment of duties.
Customs free import of alcohol is allowed for diplomats as part of the anual quota agreed by the local Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the respective embassies in the country.

Domestic animals

Every pet (dogs, cats, ferrets) that bcomes from a third country and is imported into the EU, must be clearly identifiable by microchip or a tatoo, properly vaccinated against rabies and accompanmied by a veterinary inspector´s certificate in which the microchip is indicated.

Forbidden and restricted articles

  • Medicinal products and narcotics.
  • Cash.
  • Firework.
  • Dangerous dos.
  • Foodstuff.
  • Counterfeiting and piracy.
  • Weapons and ammunitions.
  • Plants and sedes.
  • Publications and media likely to harm minors and unconstitutional publications.
  • Rough diamonds.
  • Textiles.

Wooden packaging

EU applies the ISPM standard related to the treatment of solid wood packaging and dunnage. All arriving solid Wood packaging must carry the ISPM15 mark, indicating that all timber has received appropiate timber.

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