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Just a phone call or an email and a whole team will assist with you with your first inquiries.

You will be introduced to a Moving Consultant who will coordinate a visit to your home.
Once there, he will evaluate the volume to be transported, the required packing materials (specific needs for delicate objects and furniture demanding special handling), accessibility to address, parking space conditions, alternative means of transport and determine together dates for packing, storage (if needed), dispatching, arrival and unpacking.

At the end of this meeting you will also have a full understanding of the moving process that involves documents required for clearance, such as visas, licenses, consular approvals, etc; items that cannot be moved; customs clearance regulations, such as what can be imported and what requires special duties or permits; cautionary areas, such as those which require special attention or call for particular sensitivity; prohibited items, which may result in fines or penalties; and necessary paperwork required for the insurance.

With this information, Universal Cargo then considers the best methods of shipping and calculates prices for the options. We then take into account any extra costs such as port handling and customs fees and provide you with a written proposal for a door-to-door service. Should there be charges that cannot be calculated in advance, our proposal will reflect a potential additional charge payable at destination.

With your agreement, we will then set a packing and shipping schedule. We will also gather the documents needed for customs clearance, both for Argentina and for entry into the country of destination, and international insurance.

The day of the move, our packing crew and a supervisor will arrive at your door. The supervisor will go around your home verifying the work to be carried out. The supervisor is the person you can trust and will assist you in whatever you need. Additionally, the Moving Consultant will always be in touch with you.

Depending on your specific needs, your goods will be packed with tissue, white paper and paper pads, heavy duty corrugated carton, bubble wrap or three-wall carton boxes. Fragile items will be individually wrapped to ensure their protection. If needed, we will also provide custom-made wooden crates to fit your marbles or works of art.

To pack for an international move is a job that requires certain amount of expertise and know-how. We put special emphasis in packing training. All our packing personnel attend packing courses regularly in order to be able to handle any part of the packing you might entrust them with. They also have the proper equipment to do their job efficiently.

Once packing is concluded you will be given an Inventory & Condition Report that you will be asked to sign, where every single box and package of your household goods will be listed and recorded by computer. Keep this Inventory & Condition Report with you.
Then your belongings will be loaded in a container (when possible) if it is a sea shipment, or will be sent to our warehouse to prepare custom-made air lift-vans for the airfreight. We control the final transportation to port/airport and we provide the necessary custom clearance services for the final export of your belongings.

While the move is on its way we will track and control your shipment
Our services continue at destination. Once the shipment is cleared, we will make the arrangements for the delivery of your goods in your new home through one of our agents that operates under the same quality criteria. This agent will be responsible for import custom clearance, delivery to your residence , and unloading, placing in proper rooms and unpacking of your belongings. He is also responsible for disposing of empty cartons and used materials during the delivery day. We will also be available for any assistance you may require.

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