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"10 Tips" that will help you save time, money and headaches.

Did you separate your personal documentation?

Let us explain the reason for this question. When you ask our packers to pack everything, as obedient as they are, they will pack everything. And they will do so quickly and efficiently.

Get a reliable moving company

It is not simple for us to remind you of this without losing objectivity but we can offer you some suggestions.

The Guarantee

Many times, when we ask an expatriate about it, there is a silence at first followed by an astonished gesture and a faint mumble and then by a “what is that?”

Packing restrictions

Be aware that there are some items you cannot take with your move, there are other items that you should not take with your move and there is a third group of items which you should take with you and not pack together with the rest of your belongings.

Have a medical check-up

This is very important. It is difficult to find a reliable medical institution, even in the so-called first-world countries.

International Insurance

No international moving company will do things so you will have to claim insurance. Although there is a reality that there are problems, these are not usual.

Get rid of the old stuff

You are a pack rat. You have to admit it! You love flea markets, auction sales, tag sales, and curbside cast-offs.

Moving with your cat

If pets are a part of your family, remember that moving down the block or across the world can stress them out too. Anything we can do to make it easier on them can make recovering from the move easier on us. Dogs are more adaptable than cats , let us make you know a few pointers about moving with a cat then.

Moving antiques

At the time of the estimate by a moving consultant, be sure to point out all fragile items such as grandfather clocks or china sets, so that any advance arrangements for special packing can be made. Crates can be specially built to protect items where breakage could easily occur.

Handling the Stress of Children

Moving to a new home can be traumatic for both parents and children. Parents , who often feeling appropriately stressed-out themselves with both the moving preparations and the prospects of many changes in their jobs and lives, may miss or misinterpret some of the signs of their children's distress.

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