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With a shared vision, a clear mission and by living our values, we can work together to ensure that Universal Cargo is the industry's best.

Our Values

"Safe and supportive workplace"
Sharing a passion for safety and wellbeing. Encouraging and enabling people to do their very best. Recognising achievement. Treating each other fairly and equitably.

"Team work"
Communicating effectively. Listening to each other. Getting people involved and respecting them. Supporting each other.

“Exceed customer expectations”
Working with our customers for mutual benefit. Judging our actions by their impact on our customers.

Our Misión

To always provide our clients with the most reliable and effective household goods forwarding service.

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+54 11 5352-3400

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  • +54 11 5352-3400

Quality Certification

Quality Certification ISO 9001:2008
Quality Certification FAIM Plus