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Personal data Protection

Based on Law No. 25326 Personal Data Protection of Argentina and its Regulatory Decree No. 1558-1501, amended by its similar N ° 1160/10, we inform you that Universal Cargo SRL is responsible for the collection, use, retention and provision of personal data of its customers and suppliers.

  • Universal Cargo SRL informs to its customers and suppliers that personal data collected will be used to comply with the service for which it has been hired, performing one or all of the following services: packing, unpacking, refurbishment, loading and unloading, storage and conservation, domestic transportation, customs clearance processed and/or dispatch of international removals.
    In addition, personal information collected will be relevant and its use will be limited to the necessities to fulfill the requested services.

  • Personal data and information will be withheld and used in a legal and consistent way with the purpose or purposes for which it was required. Similarly, they will not be kept longer than necessary for its purpose and in accordance with the applicable and relevant national laws.

  • Each customer or supplier has the right to the access and modification of the personal information about themselves that is being held. Then, they can challenge the accuracy of such information and are able to correct, update, change or completely eliminate it if it is not precise. This right can be executed provided the information is not already delivered to or processed by the agencies or entities for which this information was collected.
To enforce your rights, please feel free to contact us (54) 11 5352-3400 or by e-mail
  • The name of the company Universal Cargo, or the name of any corporate account or the name of any family member that is being relocated shall not be used by the employees nor by any third party for any reason in a public way, including publicity or merchandising, in whatever form it is communicated, much less in written, without Universal Cargo’s consent.

  • It is also forbidden to sell, share or provide complete or partial personal information regarding individuals and/or families that are being relocated.

  • All personal information is protected against loss and robbery, as well as non-authorized access. Digital information is protected by the use of approved users and security passwords.

  • The rest of the information, printed, is safe under lock after opening hours.

  • Universal Cargo collects information in good faith and, therefore, assumes that such data is truthful, correct, complete, and related to the owner of the move who provides it. Consequently, it is the owner’s liability that such information complies with the requested parameters and is updated.

  • If the owner doesn’t express their disagreement as regards the transference and treatment of personal information established on this confidentiality agreement, it will be assumed that the owner has given their consent.

  • Universal Cargo will focus on controlling that this Confidentiality Agreement and all of its principles are known, respected and accomplished by its permanent staff as well as companies and/or individuals that are hired to complete the activities in the name of Universal Cargo.

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